Significant events, with breakthroughs this year (Part 3)

After all the excursions, events, festival celebrations, we decided to have some breakthroughs this year.  Three first-of-its-kind initiatives for us were Primary 1 Preparation Workshop with Parents, Family Day and Practitioner Inquiry Project-Aesthetic Creation.

Primary 1 transition is an important event for all parents.  If a child is confident and be equipped with good subject learning, he/she will be more motivated to learn in school.  Thus, we organised a Primary 1 workshop for parents to understand the concerns and needs to prepare their children ahead.

We have also organized a family day for parents to have fun with kids and teachers in D’resort Pasir Ris.  The activity has created a lot of fond memory, not only to the children but to our school.  We were really touched by their spirit and level of involvement when parents played games with us.  We simply love this feeling of togetherness.

Have you noticed our trellis outside our school?  It was the product of our Practitioner Inquiry project.  Every week, children would learn to appreciate an art piece from a famous artist and reproduce the drawing.  Parents would acknowledge whether they have seen the drawings.  We led parents to appreciate the effort of children.  Result was indeed encouraging.  We will do more in 2019.  

Stay tuned for more in 2019!