Significant events, with breakthroughs this year (Part 2)

Let’s continue our journey here…..

Other than excursions, we have 4 mini-sports day for children to participate in every year.  Parents are invited to join if they can spare their time.  However, the major purpose is for children to learn about sportsmanship as well as to emphasize the importance of exercising.  

A lot of the good habits are much easier to develop from young, especially healthy habits.  Exercise for children is a very important habit to cultivate starting from preschool.  If they can practice a routine to exercise, not only they will develop a healthy body but also an active mind too.    

Another aspect is the eating habit.  Our school is awarded HMPP (Healthy Meals in Pre-Schools Programme) for adopting curriculum that teaches healthy eating habits and preparing children’s meal with HPB guidelines.  Parents may find that our food tastes bland, but balance and healthy diet is ensured.  If you are interested to find out more about HMPP, please visit the following website.

Click here to go to HPB HMP Programme!