Face The Reality: What is it like when they enter primary school?

Episode 1

Our K2 children will be moving to P1 very soon.  We can feel that parents are also very excited to see their children moving to another stage of life.  Having my daughter just completed primary school education and my son moving to primary school next year, I have a lot of learning as a mother as well as an early childhood educator. 

I wish to share my personal experience, learning and reflection regarding my children’s preschool and primary school journey here.  Maybe some parents can share theirs too.  I am sure that this will be very beneficial for first-timer parents.

I still remember those incidents that my daughter went through when she was Primary 1 and 2.  She lost a few water bottles, pencil cases and stationery even if I labelled them.  The biggest shock that I ever had was she fell into the school’s pond and injured.  Luckily, she has not left any deep scar from that.  To me, it was a learning experience for my child and I.  

So, advice no.1 is to train the children to take care of their own belongings before moving to P1.  And, train them to watch out for danger in any environment.