About Us

Miss Yong Pueh Teng is the Branch Director of our preschool at Bedok. She has a Master Degree in Science from The National University of Singapore, as well as a stint as an Engineer in a high tech industry. Subsequently, she obtained a  Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Monash University.   This enables her to put in a lot of the proven strategies for children’s learning in our school. She also constantly provide training to the teachers under her care. Professional development of teachers is one of her focus and priority in managing the school.

How it began...

Cherie Hearts @ Bedok Central is a franchise branch of G8 Education Singapore. G8 Education Limited is the largest ASX listed (ASX: GEM) child care centre operator in Australia. The idea of setting up a Childcare evolved from Miss Yong’s (our branch director) interest in early childcare before the birth of her daughter and her interest continues to grow as she finds great satisfaction in nurturing, taking care of, educating & playing with her baby and seeing her grow up.

Our Vision

We believe in quality early childhood education. We envision an approach where the quality care of the child will be the centre of our activities, thus, we believe in offering a conducive & safe environment to help your child grow and develop his/her abilities. We also emphasize Creativity and Fun in a child’s education.
We also believe that by nurturing your child’s love of reading, will help in his/her academic success in later stage. Driven by that, we have introduced a variety of approaches to cultivate our children’s reading habits as well as building their reading skills.

Our Preschool

Situated at Bedok Central, we strive to serve the community by providing Childcare/Pre-school services for the Bedok Community as well as the surrounding communities of Tanah Merah, Chai Chee, East Coast, Kembangan etc.

Our Staff

At Cherie Hearts Bedok Central, all our teachers are professionally trained. Other than having the right skills to teach our children, each teacher in our school has developed a unique value which is translated into their teaching practices.
PG and PreN teachers:
“I believe in building positive relationship with children. When I teach, they are engaged.”
“I like to design interesting activity for the children. I enjoy dancing with them.”
“I help to develop children’s autonomy by respecting their choices.”
Nursery teachers:
“I believe I can bring out children’s potential by designing variety of activities for them.”
“I encourage children to show appreciation by saying THANK YOU in every possible way.”
K1 teachers:
“I lead children to realise their potential and strength.”
“I listen and respect every child’s opinion. They gain confidence in speaking to others.”
K2 teachers:
“Why clip their wings when they can soar higher.”
“I constantly refine my teaching pedagogy in order to help children with different learning styles and needs.”

Our Services

Cherie Hearts@Bedok Central offers a host of preschool services to cater to the varying needs of our parents and children.

18 Months turning 3 years

Playgroup 1 & 2

4 years turning 5 years

Kindergarten 1

3 years turning 4 years


5 years turning 6 years

Kindergarten 2