Significant events, with breakthroughs this year (Part 1)

Parents who have been with us for years, know that our schools’ activities are abundant.  We have many excursions in a year, at a frequency of almost once a month for our children to learn beyond the classroom.  As usual, we explored museums, galleries, gardens, playgrounds and also watched a play.  All the excursions have brought a fond memory to the kids, teachers and some parents who have joined us as well.  Let’s recall.

2018 is ending and we are preparing for 2019

Another 28 days, we will be crossing to the year 2019.  Before we start a brand new learning journey with our existing children and newcomers, I would like to make use of this period to review and reflect past one-year events and discoveries in this blog.  It’s a joy to see how much our children have grown and learned.  And, we strive to develop them further.  I hope parents will enjoy the posts and follow us on Facebook.