Another level of realization

After my daughter settled in Primary school, I came to realize one important fact.  She has yet to know how to read independently.  So, she was sent to join a reading-aid class in school.  After 1 year, she was able to pick-up reading but others have started to acquire such skill before they came in.  In addition, they were asked to speak in front of their class every term.  That formed part of their assessments.  I was ignorant about that.  Because of this experience, I came to realize that certain skills did not come naturally after preschool education.  We need to reinforce certain skills in preschool education so that children learn better when they transit to the primary school education.  Thus, we have made a lot of enhancements in order to make skill-learning happen in CHBC, for the benefits of children and parents.

Face The Reality: What is it like when they enter primary school?

Episode 1

Our K2 children will be moving to P1 very soon.  We can feel that parents are also very excited to see their children moving to another stage of life.  Having my daughter just completed primary school education and my son moving to primary school next year, I have a lot of learning as a mother as well as an early childhood educator. 

I wish to share my personal experience, learning and reflection regarding my children’s preschool and primary school journey here.  Maybe some parents can share theirs too.  I am sure that this will be very beneficial for first-timer parents.

I still remember those incidents that my daughter went through when she was Primary 1 and 2.  She lost a few water bottles, pencil cases and stationery even if I labelled them.  The biggest shock that I ever had was she fell into the school’s pond and injured.  Luckily, she has not left any deep scar from that.  To me, it was a learning experience for my child and I.  

So, advice no.1 is to train the children to take care of their own belongings before moving to P1.  And, train them to watch out for danger in any environment.          


Significant events, with breakthroughs this year (Part 3)

After all the excursions, events, festival celebrations, we decided to have some breakthroughs this year.  Three first-of-its-kind initiatives for us were Primary 1 Preparation Workshop with Parents, Family Day and Practitioner Inquiry Project-Aesthetic Creation.

Primary 1 transition is an important event for all parents.  If a child is confident and be equipped with good subject learning, he/she will be more motivated to learn in school.  Thus, we organised a Primary 1 workshop for parents to understand the concerns and needs to prepare their children ahead.

We have also organized a family day for parents to have fun with kids and teachers in D’resort Pasir Ris.  The activity has created a lot of fond memory, not only to the children but to our school.  We were really touched by their spirit and level of involvement when parents played games with us.  We simply love this feeling of togetherness.

Have you noticed our trellis outside our school?  It was the product of our Practitioner Inquiry project.  Every week, children would learn to appreciate an art piece from a famous artist and reproduce the drawing.  Parents would acknowledge whether they have seen the drawings.  We led parents to appreciate the effort of children.  Result was indeed encouraging.  We will do more in 2019.  

Stay tuned for more in 2019!    


Significant events, with breakthroughs this year (Part 2)

Let’s continue our journey here…..

Other than excursions, we have 4 mini-sports day for children to participate in every year.  Parents are invited to join if they can spare their time.  However, the major purpose is for children to learn about sportsmanship as well as to emphasize the importance of exercising.  

A lot of the good habits are much easier to develop from young, especially healthy habits.  Exercise for children is a very important habit to cultivate starting from preschool.  If they can practice a routine to exercise, not only they will develop a healthy body but also an active mind too.    

Another aspect is the eating habit.  Our school is awarded HMPP (Healthy Meals in Pre-Schools Programme) for adopting curriculum that teaches healthy eating habits and preparing children’s meal with HPB guidelines.  Parents may find that our food tastes bland, but balance and healthy diet is ensured.  If you are interested to find out more about HMPP, please visit the following website.

Click here to go to HPB HMP Programme!

Significant events, with breakthroughs this year (Part 1)

Parents who have been with us for years, know that our schools’ activities are abundant.  We have many excursions in a year, at a frequency of almost once a month for our children to learn beyond the classroom.  As usual, we explored museums, galleries, gardens, playgrounds and also watched a play.  All the excursions have brought a fond memory to the kids, teachers and some parents who have joined us as well.  Let’s recall.

2018 is ending and we are preparing for 2019

Another 28 days, we will be crossing to the year 2019.  Before we start a brand new learning journey with our existing children and newcomers, I would like to make use of this period to review and reflect past one-year events and discoveries in this blog.  It’s a joy to see how much our children have grown and learned.  And, we strive to develop them further.  I hope parents will enjoy the posts and follow us on Facebook.